July 8th - 10th, 2015 | Washington State

CascadiaJSFest is a three-day, community-driven conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript and CSS. Browser, server, OS – we cover it all.

The Venue

Semiahmoo Resort
9565 Semiahmoo Parkway,
Blaine, WA 98230

Semiahmoo Resort

The Semiahmoo Resort will be the stomping ground for CascadiaFest 2015. By taking over the resort, we get a unique opportunity both indoors and out to build an awesome three days of interacting with your JavaScript and CSS communities.

Where to Stay

For more information on all of the options for staying at or around Semiahmoo, please visit the Lodging page.

Getting to and from CascadiaFest

Detailed information on getting to and from the venue is now available on the Travel page.

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Everything CascadiaJS Fest 2015 is being managed through GitHub. Check out our repo to see everything that's going on.

Organizers of CascadiaFEST

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Code of Conduct

CascadiaJS ♥s You

We are an inclusive, kind community that is constantly growing. Please find our Code of conduct, and try and make your fellow Cascadians (& fellow programmers) feel welcome!

We Can’t Wait to See You There