Welcome to CascadiaJS - Server Day!

Good morning and welcome to the final day of CascadiaFest! The website has been updated with all the info for today. Please read on for some important notes to get your day started off right.

Talk Track Presented By HBO


We hope you had fun at the HBO Pool Party last night, but not TOO much fun because they are bringing us 11 epic talks to close the conference right. The Opening Ceremony kicks-off promptly at 9:15am.

Workshop Track

WebRTC for Everyone - &yet (9:30am)

This WebRTC workshop is being led by Talky team developer Philipp “Fippo” Hancke. Learn this ins and outs of WebRTC with one of the leading WebRTC developers in the industry.

Testing on Mobile: Automating the Pain Away - Sauce Labs (2:15pm)

Meet Appium, the Selenium-compatible automation server for iOS and Android. Learn how to automate testing your mobile, hybrid and native applications on these platforms, real devices or simulators, in this session.

Tougo Coffee by Esri


Thanks so much to Thomas and Morgan from Tougo Coffee for providing us with crafted coffee for all 3 days of CascadiaFest. If you've enjoyed the coffee, please let them know. If you haven't stopped by yet, today's your last chance!

Tougo Coffee is located on the edge of Capitol Hill and is one of the finest coffee and espresso spots in Seattle. It's a beautiful space and has a small play area for children. Check them out!

Other Notes

Map: Getting lost stinks, so here's a map!

Registration & Breakfast: The Registration area is just outside of the Semiahmoo ballroom. Registration opens at 8:30am. You MUST register and get your meal wristband in order to get breakfast.

Friends & Family Meals: If you purchased a meal ticket for a friend or family member, please come to Registration to pick-up their wristband.

Friends & Family Track: Today is the Winery & Spirits Tour! If you signed-up, please be out from of the hotel at 12:15pm.

Dinner and Closing Party by Twilio


We hope you've saved some energy because we are closing out CascadiaFest right with dancing and games! All of this fun will be taking place in the Semiahmoo Ballroom where the talks have been this week, so head out to the deck for dinner and then head back to the ballroom for a really special night.