CSS Layer Tennis

What is it?

CSS Layer Tennis is an interactive game and collaborative art project for CascadiaCSS attendees. Working in teams, Cascadian CSS aficionados will create works of CSS art in a CodePen. After each round, projects are rotated to another team who will add their own spin to the art piece.

Cool! How does it work?

Participants will split into teams of 3-5. Each team will have one "official" laptop that they will use to work on their project, but each team member can use other laptops to explore ideas or look things up in docs. Teams will work together to think of cool ideas and put together a piece of CSS art.

Each 15 minutes, teams will fork other projects and start working on adding something new. Every team will receive a random theme for each period, with a challenge to evolve the existing piece of art with the new theme. Each team will start with three themes that they get to choose from or combine for the initial round.

For example, in round 2, Team B receives a pen from Team A that was exploring squares that morph into circles, and they pick a theme that says "rainbow". They then put a border on the animation that animates through the colors of the rainbows. In the next round, Team C gets that pen and draws "chaos", so they decide to make the boxes flip around in random directions at random speeds.

Anything else?

Nope! Come to the Semiahmoo Ballroom at 1:45pm (after lunch) and join in the fun!