Welcome to CascadiaJS - Server Day

On the final day we dive into the Server: Node, Hardware and more!

Welcome to CascadiaJS - Browser Day

On Day Two we dive into the Browser and related technologies.

Welcome to CascadiaFest

Kicking things off with the first ever CascadiaCSS!

CSS Layer Tennis

Get ready for CSS Layer Tennis at CascadiaCSS, a game and collaborative art project to explore creative coding with CSS.

ICS Calendars for CascadiaFest

ICS calendars for all of CascadiaFest 2015

Learn Cool Tricks Using Internet Connected Hardware

Always wanted to play with IoT but never knew where to start? Here’s your chance! Hackster.io is coming to Cascadia to run a hardware workshop and teach you everything you need to know about the basics.

Pack Your Bags! It's Time For CascadiaFest 2015!

What to pack, how to get here and more.

New Workshop! Testing on Mobile: Automating The Pain Away

Meet Appium, the Selenium-compatible automation server for iOS and Android. Learn how to automate testing your mobile, hybrid and native applications on these platforms, real devices or simulators, in this session.

Announcing the Node.js - Zero to Hero Workshop

We are excited to announce a new workshop which will be get your ramped up on building Node.js applications and getting them deployed to the cloud.

Introducing Tessa Thornton

Tessa is a self-taught front-end developer working at Shopify who spent 2014 having opinions about JavaScript frameworks. At Cascadia Fest: Browser Day, she'll tell us why our future with web component future is going to be OK. She has answered some questions for us:

Child Care at Semiahmoo Resort

We are excited to provide subsidized child care for parents attending CascadiaFest.

Announcing the Workshop Track

We are excited to announce that this year we are working with some wonderful companies and organizations to offer the first-ever Workshop Track at CascadiaFest.

Introducing Alan Mooiman

Alan Mooiman is a front-end developer currently residing in New York, but soon to be a bonafide Cascadian in Portland, OR. He'll be speaking at CascadiaCSS about how the future of CSS will let us write CSS without being dependent on preprocessors.

Introducing Courtney Hemphill

Courtney Hemphill, partner & developer at Carbon Five, will show us simple ways to add functional animation to your interfaces with just a bit of JavaScript at CascadiaJS Browser Day.

Friends and Family Track

By popular demand, this year CascadiaFest is introducing a Friends and Family Track for the very first time.

Introducing Ricardo Vazquez

Ricardo Vazquez is a UI/UX Designer at Mozilla. He’ll be speaking at CascadiaCSS about delighting users with microinteractions.

Introducing Ben Straub

Introducing Ben, who will tell us all about what happens when a Coffeescript-powered robot becomes a member of your development team at CascadiaJS: Browser Day.

Introducing Jana Beck

Introducing Jana Beck - an engineer at Tidepool, where they're trying to reduce the burden of type 1 diabetes through data technology. At CascadiaJS: Browser Day, she will talk about the tools you need to make complex data visualizations sing and dance.

Introducing Ashley Williams

Introducing Ashley, who has some p good ideas about rethinking teaching ES6/2015s' awesome new abstractions to JavaScript beginners!

CascadiaFest 2015 Scholarship

CascadiaFest exists to educate and grow the JavaScript community in the Pacific Northwest. We are excited to announce that we will be granting scholarships for our upcoming conference.

Introducing Martin Gontovnikas

Gonto is a tech nerd who loves OSS, JS, meat and a good beer in that order. At his CascadiaFest talk, we'll learn how to add authentication to a SPA with a live coding session in which we'll go from a regular SPA to a fully secured one with JWTs.

Introducing Shay Howe

Shay Howe is a designer and front-end developer at Belly in Chicago, IL. He'll be speaking at CascadiaCSS about sharing modular HTML and CSS components through a service-based architecture.

Introducing Jeff Lembeck

Jeff Lembeck is a developer at Filament Group and a full-on coffee-roasting Seattleite. He'll be speaking at CascadiaCSS about using design principles to create great developer tools.

Introducing Gregor Adams

Gregor Adams is a front-end developer and architect at SINNERSCHRADER in Munich, Germany. He'll be speaking at CascadiaCSS about building fractals with CSS.

Introducing Allen Pike

Allen Pike runs Steamclock Software in Vancouver. His talk is about the causes and consequences of JavaScript’s turbulent framework ecosystem.

Introducing David Catuhe

As a way of introducing our astonishing array of speakers, they have kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us. Here is David Catuhe ('a 3D addict since the prehistoric age of computing'), who will show us how to do awesome 3D with nothing more than a modern browser!