The Workshop Track

We are excited to announce that this year we are working with some wonderful companies and organizations to offer the first-ever Workshop Track at CascadiaFest. With 3 days of talks partitioned into 3 major categories of web development skills (front-end design/CSS, client-side JS and server-side JS) we felt like now was the right time to offer an alternative for people who want to do some hands-on learning.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the workshops are FREE and are included in your conference pass. All of the workshops have capacity limits, so please make sure to RSVP as soon as possible.

Wednesday, July 8

Morning: Coding for Kids

Seattle CoderDojo

This workshop provides parents and their children with an opportunity to play with fun online coding tutorials from The tutorials range from simple story tutorials for early readers to building an AI chatbot with Python for teens. Bring your child, a laptop, and a sense of adventure!

[RSVP for Free]

  • Instructor: Greg Bulmash
  • Maximum capacity: 30
  • Prerequisites: a laptop

Afternoon: Learn Cool Tricks Using Internet Connected Hardware

Participate in our mini-IoT Hackathon and learn how to hack and operate open-source hardware. The team is joining us with loads of hardware kits, amazing workshops, and live demos. Our goal is simple: educate, connect and help you invent and create awesome hardware in one day.

[RSVP for Free]

  • Instructors: Alex Glow and Monica Houston
  • Maximum capacity: 50
  • Prerequisites: Please install the Arduino IDE.

Thursday, July 9

Morning: Internet All The Things With Node.js + Intel Edison

Intel Hardware Hacking

Learn about how Node.js is powering the next generation of internet of things connected hardware devices in a 3 hour workshop featuring Intel Edison (a tiny BLE, Wi-Fi capable Linux computer) and Johnny-Five ( a Node.js robotics framework ).

We will be learning how to use Node.js to control a variety of sensors including LEDs, Temperature, Light, Sound, Buzzers, Servos LCDs and more. All hardware will be provided, no previous background in hardware hacking required.

[RSVP for Free]

  • Instructor: Rex St John
  • Maximum capacity: 20
  • Prerequisites: laptop, text editor, NPM installed

Afternoon: Coming Soon!

Friday, July 10

Morning: WebRTC for Everyone


WebRTC workshop led by Talky team developer Philipp “Fippo” Hancke. Show your support for moving WebRTC forward and get upfront with one of the leading WebRTC developers in the industry.

[RSVP for Free]

  • Instructor: Philipp Hancke
  • Maximum capacity: 50
  • Prerequisites: laptop

Afternoon: Coming Soon!