Gonto is a tech nerd who <3 OSS, JS, meat and a good beer in that order. At his CascadiaFest talk, we'll learn how to add authentication to a SPA with a live coding session in which we'll go from a regular SPA to a fully secured one with JWTs. Here are Gonto's answers to our "Getting to know you" questions:

Is this your first trip to the Pacific Northwest? Do you have other plans for your trip?

It's not. Actually, prior to this conference, I'll be staying for 2 months in San Fransisco (I'm from Argentina).

What does your usual work day look like?

I don't have a "usual" work day, which is why I love my work so much :D. My job at Auth0 is to help developers create awesome apps with it and help them learn about things related to security.

That means that my tasks every day vary from:

  • Working on the slides and speaking at conferences
  • Creating cool and innovative prototypes
  • Investigating new technologies and creating blog posts about them
  • Creating SDKs for most of the common platforms
  • Working with the Engineering team on creating a super easy to use API
  • Working on documentation for Auth0
  • Working on the definition of processes that make developers' lives easier like on-boarding

Who in the industry consistently blows you away with wonderful work?

There are a lot of people I admire and look up. One of them is Guillermo Rauch. I admire his tenacity. I also admire how he can help the community with open source and talks as well as having his own company. I'm also blown away from his life story, he moved to SF from Argentina very young without even finishing high school and he's rocking it now :).

Have you worked in industries other than the web?

I started working with .Net desktop apps. Once I realized there wasn't much OSS in the .Net world at that time I did the switch to Java into a Web project.

I've also done a lot of courses but they're about web related technologies usually (Scala, AngularJS).

What does your dream job look like?

I have to say it looks similar to what I do now. I'd love to get paid for working on cool Open Source projects that help the community and for going/speaking at conferences to share the knowledge and learning new things :).

Do you knit, play the banjo, make beer, climb rocks or do anything that isn't on a computer?

I don't do anything as cool as that! In my free time, I very often go out with friends, drink beers that other people brew and go dance at electronic parties. I also read about technology with my iPad (it isn't a computer, does it count :D?).

Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?

Hmmmm I don't think so. I'm looking forward to meeting everybody at CascadiaFest :).