Jeff Lembeck is a developer at npm, inc. and a full-on coffee-roasting Seattleite. He'll be speaking at CascadiaCSS about using design principles to create great developer tools. Jeff kindly answered a few of our questions to help get to know him better:

What’s a good Twitter-length description of your talk?

Making developer-focused tools is hard. Get better at it with this set of not so weird tips.

As a Cascadian, do you have any recommendations for out of towners while they’re here?

Make this as long of a trip as possible. Rent a car and drive to Mt. Rainier and go to Paradise. Take another trip out to the coast and go spend a night on the campgrounds in La Push. Staying extra time in Seattle? Eat. Eat. Eat.

What does your usual work day look like?

I’m a very early riser, so my day normally starts at roughly 4:30am. I keep a few different work lists - a year, month, week, day kind of planning scheme where I put different tasks in different lists based on where they should be, priority-wise. I plan out my day based on those then kick into email to make sure nothing is on fire. After that I get in another couple of hours of work and take a break for breakfast. I’ll check in with coworkers at this point to see if there’s anything I should be prioritizing then head back in for the rest of the day, normally trying to end around 3pm so I can go play with my daughter for a couple of hours before my wife gets home and we start making dinner.

Who in the industry consistently blows you away with wonderful work?

The folks at Filament Group are friggin Aces and anybody would be lucky to have that crew to bounce ideas off of.

Have you worked in industries other than the web?

Four years at McDs, another four hocking cell phones (via Radio Shack) — spent a little time in the shipping industry (read: 4am shift loading boxes in the backs of trucks at UPS) and even worked as intern at a banking company. I very much like what I do right now and I’m never going back.

What does your dream job look like?

Can I be the professional burrito eater on a hot tub boat sailing team? I want to do that for a living.

Do you knit, play the banjo, make beer, climb rocks or do anything that isn’t on a computer?

I roast my own coffee. I make an insane negroni. Otherwise, I spend any sunny day I can outside with my wife and baby daughter.